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To prepare your Quilt Top:

Please press your quilt top and backing.

Check for and repair any seams that may have come open.

Borders will be less full if you measure across the middle
of your quilt for the correct length.
Simply sewing on a length of fabric and then trimming
can result in wavy or full borders that may not quilt evenly.

Backing needs to be at least 6-8 inches bigger than your quilt top.
For example, if your top is 80" x 80",
 your backing needs to be 86" by 86."

Batting needs to be 4-6 inches bigger than your quilt top.

See Example
White shows batting //
 Blue shows backing

you can't see batting and backing when you lay out your quilt on the floor,
your batting and backing are not big enough.

If you do not have room to lay out your whole quilt,
try folding your backing and quilt top in quarters.
Lay the folded pieced top on the folded backing.
You should still see backing around all sides of the top!

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